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Asian Affairs

These essays discuss any topic related to Asia. Sometimes I discuss current affairs, other times ancient history, or even "wild" theories. For your enjoyment!

Top Stories

  • Cognates of Korean to English and to other Indo-European Languages  This article is also about the complex origins of the Japanese people, and why the Japanese rulers go to such ridiculous lengths to hide the origins of the Japanese.
  • Anne Frank and Japanese Divine Race Theory   This is a detective story that tries to explain a series of supposedly senseless" crimes "that took place in Japan in 2014
    Spoiler: the real criminal is Japan's ruling class
  • Review of Beckwith's Odd Book Regarding the Relationship Between Goguryeo and Japanese Languages   This review asks how and why an American scholar could see that Japanese is strangely similar to the language of the Korean Goguryeo language but that scholar somehow isn't very curious about how Stone Age Japan happened to pick up the language of an Iron Age Korean kingdom in Manchuria. Could this mean that Egami's debunked "flying carpet" theory of a mythical and magical race of Japanese ancestors did exist?
  • The Cipangan Project   This is an ongoing outline for a proposed open source linguistic research study to trace the linguistic origins of the Japanese language.
    Please note: I am entirely unable to do this project personally, but I am publishing this outline with the hope that competent linguists could put this kind of project together.